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Alfred Mylne

 - Gometra1925

   Alfred Mylne was a well-known Scottish naval architect. He began his career following an apprenticeship at G.L. Watson, the designer of the Royal Yacht Britannia for the Prince of Wales and later King Edward VII of England.

    Mylne up his own business in 1886 but in 1906 comes the consecration of the great Yacht Design with his involvement in the drafting of the most popular design rule of all time, the International Rule, formula in wich Mylne will produce many fast hulls during his long career.

    In 1911 along with his brother Charles opened the shipyard "Bute Slip Dock" in Port Bannatyne Isle of Bute. The construction work without interruption at their gesitione until the sale to his nephew Alfred Mylne II in 1946 through two World Wars, during which he collaborated with the Royal Navy and the Royal Naval Air Service for which produced components for seaplanes.

    Among the large companies of Alfred Mylne remember in 1921 the collaboration for the design of the new sail plan of Britannia and the draft hulls numerous fast as the 12-meter Hera, Olympic Gold in Stockholm 1908. The Alfred Mylne yachts have always been known for its elegance as well as to attract many yachtsman eager to have a hull from the drawing of this great designer.

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