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From the book "Where the Tides Meet" by L. Luard - 1934

   Chapter devoted to Gometra its second owner William Blaine Luard that describes the virtues sailing during navigation in the spring of 1934. The cruise is the last made by Luard on board Gometra last trip to Flamouth to Bagor, Scotland, home port of the new owner Leonard Raynolds.

From the book "I Saw It Happen In Norway" by C.J.Hambro - 1940

   Brief excerpt from Carl J. Hambro, President of the Norwegian Parliament, that in his book "I Saw It Happen In Norway" published in 1940, describes the  evacquazione plan for Norwegian gold and suggests that he was on board during one of the trips to Canada. It will be confirmed by the Captain Kristiansens' words that that trip was just Gometra's.


Article "Yachting" February 1941

   Article in the magazine Yachting in February 1941, signed by Charles Rawling who describes the first contact with Gometra in Canada after traveling from England to save the Norwegian gold. The article also impressions of William J. Roue famous naval architect Canadian former designer of Bluenose.

Article "The Coast News" August 9, 1946

   Short gossip article on the weekly publication The Coast News, August 9, 1946. Gometra is mentioned and her company in the rescue of Norwegian gold, at that time was owned by Gus Ortengren.

Article "The Coast News" August 9, 1946 - Gometra1925

From the book "Blood on the midnight sun" by H.C. Adamson and P. Kelm - 1964

   Gometra is mentioned in the 1964 book "Blood on the midnight sun" by Hans Christian Adamson and Per Kelm  that reconstructs all the vicissitudes of the  Norwegian gold transfer from the old continent to the Americas. Significant are the words of Jacob Kristiansen, captain of the cargo ship BraKar that brought Gometra from Glasgow to Halifax.


From the book "Swiftsure - The first fifty years" - 1980

   Chapter about Gometra and Adios  in the book from 1980 "Swiftsure - The first fifty years" by Humpery Golby and Shirley Hewett which traces the history of the famous Swiftsure races from 1930 to 1980.   Race that Gometra competed from 1953 to 1955 and again in 1978.


Gometra in "Annals of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club" - 1970/85

   Several quotes of Gometra in "Annals of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club" volume I (1903-1970) and Volume II (1971-1985). Starting from Gometra's adventure during Norwegian gold transport to the list of trophies won in the 50's passing through previous famous owners and several quotes in annual yacht lists and race results.

From the book "First In Its Class" by N. Erhard - 1986

   Gometra is quoted in "First In Its Class - The story of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron" by Nancie Erhard published in 1986. There are the two only photos of the Estnest A. Bell ownership period, in oe of them famous naval architect William J. Roué is at the helm.



Article "Sailing Canada" June 1986

   Writing in the journal Sailing Canada in June 1986 signed by David R. Conn collaboration with Gerry Palmer, son of Elmer Palmer previous owner of Gometra


Article "Classic Boats" April 2006

Short article the magazine Classic Boats dating back to April 2006 when Gometra was owned by his last owner Molly Holt.

Article "Classic Boats" April 2006 - Gometra1925

Classic Boat - October 2019

   Nigel Sharp signs this amazing article for Classic Boat, written during his experience onboard at Raduno delle Vele Storiche di Viareggio.